Returning Series 8 Seasons - 16 Episodes

While running from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant young college-dropout, slips into a job interview with one of New York City’s best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Tired of cookie-cutter law school grads, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes his raw talent and photographic memory.

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43, 45, 67, 42, 44m 2011 37 views

Season 1
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Season 2
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Season 3
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Season 4
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Season 5
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Season 6
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Season 7
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Season 8
1<img src="" alt="Image Teen Spirit">Right-Hand Man2018
2<img src="" alt="Image Loading&#8230;">Pecking Order2018
3<img src="" alt="Image White Chamber">Promises, Promises2018
4<img src="" alt="Image Loading&#8230;">Revenue Per Square Foot2018
5<img src="" alt="Image High Life">Good Mudding2018
6<img src="" alt="Image Loading&#8230;">Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter2018
7<img src="" alt="Image Teen Spirit">Sour Grapes2018
8<img src="" alt="Image White Chamber">Coral Gables2018
9<img src="" alt="Image Suits S8 | E9">Motion to Delay2018
10<img src="" alt="Image Suits S8 | E10">Managing Partner2018
11<img src="" alt="Image Suits S8 | E11">Episode 112019
12<img src="" alt="Image ">Whale Hunt2019
13<img src="" alt="Image ">The Greater Good2019
14<img src="" alt="Image ">Peas in a Pod2019
15<img src="" alt="Image ">Stalking Horse2019
16<img src="" alt="Image ">Harvey2019
  • Original title: Suits
  • In Production: Yes
  • First air date: 23-06-2011
  • Last air date: 19-09-2018
  • Genre: Drama
  • Tags:
  • Directors: Aaron Korsh
  • Rating: 0 votes
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